(40 mins)

Johnny Horn and me went down to Innerleithen to visit Traquair house, we had an appointment with Catherine Maxwell Stuart, 21st Lady of Traquair, no less.

We were excited about the old brewery she had there,  Johnny for more knowledgeable reasons than me, him being the beer historian. I was glad he was there to ask some intelligent questions.

What a superb tour she gave us, so generous with her time and information, and to top it all off we got to sample the beers! Not that I really needed to sample the Jacobite Ale, it’s one of my special treats, but hey. It would have been rude to refuse…

click on the link to hear the podcast


and this is the website of Traquair house itself, where you can find out more about this beautiful place

and here is some neat footage from the 70’s of the brewery being used by Catherine’s father. The young Catherine makes an appearance, too